1. 5 Things to do After Installing Wordpress

    Mon 27 July 2009 By gobuk

    Wordpress is a popular open source publishing platform. It is the choice of most blogger. Not only because it easy to use but the installation process also take less than ten minutes. But after installation there are other things to be done to make it more secure and get the ...

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  2. Create a Self-Signed SSL Certificate

    Sat 25 July 2009 By gobuk

    SSL certificate is a digital certificate use by web server who run an encrypted and secure network connection. Every web server needs SSL certificate to enable secure connection. But each SSL certificate can only be use by one domain. So if you have four website on your server and want ...

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  3. Nginx: Redirect www to non-www

    Sat 04 July 2009 By gobuk

    Method 1 Open your nginx.conf and add the following configuration inside your server {} configuration.

    if ($host = 'www.domain.com') {
        rewrite ^/(.*)$ http://domain.com/$1 permanent;

    Make sure you change domain.com with your own domain name and save the configuration file before you restart nginx.

    Method 2

    As usual ...

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  4. Display Server Uptime Using PHP Script

    Tue 30 June 2009 By gobuk

    Start you favorite text editor and type the following text.

    <?php system("uptime"); ?>

    Now save the file as uptime.php and then upload the file to your server root directory. Once uploaded, open your internet browser and point it to the uptime.php by typing http://yourdomain.com/uptime.php ...

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